International Sparkling Festival

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This was the 3. International Sparkling Wine Festival and Sparkling Wine Symposium, 3. June 2019, Frankfurt/M

Taste international top sparkling wine!

At the 3rd International Sparkling Festival, selected sparkling wine producers from nine nations met in Frankfurt's Villa Kennedy on 3rd June 2019.

The symposium in the morning was fully booked. The 80 professional visitors were very interested in the previous day: "The sparkling wine production versus climate change" by Dr. Matthias M. Schmitt of the University of Geisenheim.
Afterwards, representatives of the traditional classic bottle fermenters of Germany, the Vins & Crémants Luxembourg/ Institut Viti-Vinicole, the Austrian Sparkling Wine Committee, the Association Cap Classique South Africa and the Association of South Tyrolean Sparkling Wine Producers presented their region and measures for quality assurance and climate change. The following lively discussion with the speakers and the audience showed the great interest in the topic.

Afterwards the doors of the International Sparkling Festival were opened for the tasting.

Here, specialist retailers, restaurateurs, sommeliers, journalists and, in the late afternoon, consumers were able to enjoy 170 traditionally produced sparkling wines from 67 wineries (see german website).

Germany was the largest group with 23 exhibitors. Then followed Champagne with 13, Italy with nine, Spain with eight, Austria with six, Crémant France with three, two Luxembourg winegrowers and one exhibitor each from England, Slovenia and South Africa. The winegrowers were only invited to take part in the festival.

More than 300 visitors were enthusiastic about the huge variety of sparkling wines produced exclusively according to the "méthode traditionelle".

We will see each other again in 2020!






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